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renegade_amok's Journal

22nd January, 2010. 12:56 pm. First is the worst

So this is my first post. Typical of many, I'm putting this here so that I can modify styles and see how it will look. So buzz off.

Current mood: cranky.

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22nd January, 2010. 1:29 pm. current thoughts

I'm hungry. And kinda cold. I should probably go get dressed.
I have to go pick up a package for Dad. I should probably go get dressed so I can do that.
I should probably go get out of these pjs. Get dressed. BUT I must also take a shower first.


I'm hungry. But I have to take a shower. So I'mma go eat, that way I can actually say I've eaten something. Oh wait, I forgot - we don't have anything good to eat. Blunder.

So shower won out. BUT I didn't account for the fact that apparently now I have to be the mom and wash my own towels. The ones I've got up there are pretty old. And of course, Mom doesn't even try to keep track of which towels are beat-up enough for me to use... so of course, everybody else uses them. Rather than the nice ones that pretty shower deserves. Seriously, what's a girl gotta do to get some respect around here?!?

So yeah. My beat-up towels have probably been used. And are now probably down in the wash pile. So I either steal the nice ones and shower, or wash mine and wait. I might do both. Dunno.

Current mood: bitchy.

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22nd January, 2010. 7:59 pm. ten minutes ago

So tonight my mom was having a sales rep from Cutco come to sharpen our knives. Relatively harmless. Pop said he'd be home around 5:30, so we waited to have dinner. And waited. And waited.

Finally my mom had it and I helped make dinner for her and my sis - it was about 6:15 when we started. We finished about ten to seven, then the guy came.

My dad gets in at 7:30. TWO HOURS after he said he'd be here. In the meantime he had apparently found time to email my sis and I a youtube video of Hitler being mad about the new football coach. Seriously, dad? You're goofing off on youtube at work when you're supposed to be home? And do you not realize that I don't give a flying sh*t about the new coach and dislike all those "funny" videos about Hitler being mad at something? Seriously, they're offensive. Hitler's had his time in the spotlight. Now leave him alone. I may not be Jewish or directly know anybody who is, but I think these movies bringing him back up would be offensive to them.

Anyway... so Dad's making his dinner. Al calls, so I figure he'll talk to her for a minute or two and be done. Nope, I end up keeping an eye on his cooking dinner while he talks to her. Then she wants to talk to my mom - who's still talking with the Cutco guy. And my dad, being rude, passes the phone to my mom. *grrrr* So he finishes making his dinner. I come up here to get back on the computer. And a minute later, I hear him telling the Cutco guy off. With that whiny, demanding voice of all things. (seriously, I need to record that sh*t.) So not only am I pissed at him for being rude to the Cutco guy twice, I'm getting amped up from the sound of his voice.

*sigh* So rather than go steal his car and go to the store, or even better - start some sh*t with him - I log on and write this. Hoping that maybe someone will see it one day and at least somewhat know what's going through my head at this moment.

Current mood: gonna beat some sh*t.
Current music: Stemm - "House of Cards".

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