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renegade_amok's Journal

25th January, 2010. 9:25 pm. summary

So friday I desperately needed me some Stemm. So I go to Target. It no there. But me gets Sick Puppies and Seether instead. Like an Oxy junkie going for Heroin when they has no moneys.

Saturday I go to Best Buy and the other Target. They no has Stemm. I is pissed.

Sunday I go to work. I see Cat-cat and we talk. Pissface busts in and yells at me because I'm sitting down. Right away he goes to Deafcon 4 and threatens to fire me. Scares the piss out of me. It's no wonder I hate him. So now I know one of the up front guys has it out for me - Pissface wouldn't have bothered with me if he wasn't clued in. So once again, I will have to be paranoid at work.

I don't want to be paranoid at work. I get paranoid enough here at home. It's no wonder I have PTSD. I might look into seeing if that could constitute a disability for work. Either that, or the Aspergers or Epilepsy. One thing's sure, though - if Pisshead does get me fired, I'm going for unemployment from that bastard. Bossman likes me, he knows I'm not just some slacker. He knows I care when the machines work or don't work.

So today I go online to look for Stemm. It's backordered at Best Buy and at Target it's not available for in-store pickup. Then I remembers what moma says about Barnes et Nobles. Me go, check, and yes they has it. I reserves it, then go pick it up. And solid listen to it since.


Plz no work tomorow... plz make dome break... or has ebola all over. I no want to see Pissface again.

Current mood: anxious.
Current music: STEMM!.

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