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renegade_amok's Journal

27th January, 2010. 2:15 pm. today

So today, it's snowing like fuk. I get up at 7, wash and dry my hair (cause i was a smelly b*tch) and head out the door. The village idiot (my car)of course was covered in snow. Actually took the time to clean him off, which made me a little late. Because I'm a few minutes late, I get stuck in the a$$plug of traffic. So it takes me half an hour to get to where I'm going - normally 10 minutes away.

Along the way I got the genius idea to get a tarp from Valu (yes, it's spelled like that.)and use it to cover the cab of my truck when it's going to be snowing/icing. That way all I'll have to do is peel it off and shake it out, then probably toss it in the back.

Ugh. Stomach hurts right now. Probably because I had eggs for brunch. Heartburn like hell, and now bloat cause I ate a tums. I'm supposed to shovel... before people get home... but I think I'm either going to go lay down or go to the loo for a bit.

Alas, there is no video for House of Cards. *sigh* Was going to embed it...

EDIT: I must remind myself to not write in HTML codes when I use one of the symbols for a letter. Fixed it, but had to retype the whole first paragraph.

Current mood: bitchy.

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