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renegade_amok's Journal

3rd March, 2010. 10:08 pm. today

Felt pretty good today. Dunno know why.

Went to Tops to shop for Mom today. Managed to get everything, which was pretty awesome. Got home and Ma said I got the wrong size pop. Fuk. When you have "Pepsi 3 for $10" on the list, I'm assuming you want the size that's 10 bucks for 3... and you want 3. Not the size that's 3 for 11, and 1 of them. Too bad, deal with it. They'll get drunk.

And now my sis is filling out a job application and is asking me what info she should put in the blanks. No, I haven't applied there. No, I don't even work in that industry. If you need to find something out, you have a computer. You can go look it up yourself. I don't care if you've got ice on your knee - you went out and played volleyball, and you overdid it. You know you had surgery on your knee. It's your decision to mess it up and not take it easy.

Guh. Watching SVU.

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